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Explore the impressive roster of companies SEM Remedy has transformed! From enhancing digital presence to crafting full-stack applications and impactful websites, our portfolio speaks volumes.

United Church of Christ

SEM Remedy partnered with the United Church of Christ (UCC) to revamp their website, The collaboration aimed to enhance the user experience and modernize the online presence of the website. With a keen eye for design and functionality, SEM Remedy's team of experts redesigned a sleek navigational bar, with a look that aligns with the UCC's brand identity. The revamped navigation system offers intuitive browsing, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore the website's content and resources. SEM Remedy's expertise extended to content management, allowing the UCC to streamline the filtering and modification of their web pages.

Reasons To Ride Magazine

SEM Remedy joined forces with Reasons to Ride, a premier online platform for motorcycle enthusiasts. Our mission was to help to reach new heights, creating a seamless and engaging experience for the vibrant community of riders. From the ground up, SEM Remedy's team of experts crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly website design, capturing the essence of the motorcycle lifestyle. Each page was thoughtfully optimized, ensuring a seamless navigation and an immersive experience for visitors.

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park

SEM Remedy collaborated with Nelson Ledges Quarry Park (NLQP), a premier outdoor adventure destination. The goal was to drastically improve NLQP's online presence and transform into a captivating digital hub that showcases the park's offerings and streamlines event management. SEM Remedy's team created a visually stunning website that captures the essence of NLQP's adventurous spirit. The redesigned platform showcases the park's events, and allows campers to register for their campsite online.

Cleaner 911 - Georgia Bio Recovery

Georgia Bio Recovery Directory  is an online platform developed by SEM Remedy, featuring a directory of trauma remediation service providers in the state of Georgia. It serves as a valuable resource for families and businesses in need of professional assistance in the aftermath of traumatic events.

Carpet Repair Master

Carpet Repair Master is a website developed by SEM Remedy, offering professional carpet repair services and training classes. The site features detailed information about their wide range of carpet repair services, including burn repair, seam repair, stretching, and more.


Willow Springs Campground

SEM Remedy partnered with Willow Springs Campground to create an impactful online presence. Our team crafted a visually stunning website that seamlessly showcases the campground's 42-acre private property, complete with detailed information about its amenities.

Nathans Auto Detailing

Our team crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcases Nathan's Detailing's extensive range of services. We implemented intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to easily explore the various services and pricing, view photo galleries of Nathan's Detailing's exceptional work.

Ticket ReLeaf - Ticketing Agency

Ticket ReLeaf, an innovative ticketing platform that champions environmental sustainability. Our team developed a visually stunning website that seamlessly conveys Ticket ReLeaf's unique mission of planting a tree for every ticket sold. The website's design and user experience reflect the company's commitment to eco-friendliness.

Prometheus Music Festival

SEM Remedy played a crucial role in bringing the Prometheus Music Festival to life through its online presence. Our team crafted a website that captures the festival's essence of celebrating the gift of fire and fostering a welcoming and transformative environment. The website's design and functionality seamlessly integrate with Ticket ReLeaf's ticketing system.

Music Festival Junkie

SEM Remedy played a pivotal role in helping Music Festival Junkie's online presence, creating a captivating website that encapsulates the essence of their unique events. Our team crafted an immersive digital experience, seamlessly blending the festivals' focus on spirituality, cultural awareness, and exceptional musical performances.

Eastgate Custom Graphics

As digital strategists, our primary objective revolves around harnessing cutting-edge technologies to improve business performance. We innovate by introducing novel products, optimizing existing processes, and fortifying our competitive stance in the market.

Thunder Hills Farms Venue

SEM Remedy partnered with Thunder Hill Farms to craft a captivating website that beautifully captures the essence of their unique venue. From stunning visuals showcasing the rolling hills and scenic landscape to informative content detailing diverse events, the website acts as a digital portal for potential guests.

Ohio Dreamfest Music Festival

SEM Remedy brought the magic of Ohio Dreamfest to life online through a website. The user-friendly platform seamlessly guides festival-goers through everything they need to know, from snagging tickets to planning the perfect camping adventure.

Taylor Plumbing

SEM Remedy crafted a user-centric website for Taylor Plumbing, a trusted name in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Easy-to-navigate sections highlight their expertise in commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing, providing potential customers with clear information and peace of mind.

Dirte Pi Pizza

SEM Remedy designed a sleek and user-friendly website for Dirte Pi Pizza, capturing the essence of their brand identity. The minimal aesthetic creates a clean and sophisticated online presence, reflecting the quality and attention to detail of their pizzas.

Chargeback Defence

SEM Remedy transformed the online presence of Chargeback Defense with a website that exudes authority and expertise. The design utilizes clean lines and a sophisticated aesthetic, reflecting the reputation and professionalism of the company. The website clearly communicates the value proposition of Chargeback Defense's services, highlighting their advanced industry knowledge and technology-powered solutions.

EMTA Academy

SEM Remedy crafted a user-friendly website for EMTA, streamlining information about their restoration and cleaning training courses. The clear design and organization make it easy for potential students to find the information they need, while the inclusion of livestream classes expands accessibility.

Paralyzed Veterans of America

SEM Remedy designed a user-friendly website for the Paralyzed Veterans of America's Buckeye Chapter (BPVA), focusing on clarity and accessibility. The website effectively communicates their mission and services, including veterans benefits, sports and recreation programs, and advocacy efforts.


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