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SEM Remedy partnered with the United Church of Christ (UCC) to revamp their website, ucc.org. The collaboration aimed to enhance the user experience and modernize the online presence of the website.

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A Modernized Navbar for a Modernized Church

In the digital landscape, where attention spans are short and expectations are high, the significance of a well-crafted, efficient navigation bar cannot be overstated.  This rings particularly true for expansive platforms like ucc.org, home to a large amount of contributors and an extensive array of content. With such complexity, a user-friendly navigation system becomes not just a convenience, but a necessity, enabling visitors to swiftly locate relevant pages amidst the abundance of information.

Enter SEM Remedy's latest innovation: the new sleek and modern navbar. Designed with both functionality and brand identity in mind, this navbar represents a harmonious fusion of form and function. Its minimalist yet visually striking design seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic of ucc.org, maintaining brand consistency while offering enhanced usability. With its intuitive layout and lightning-fast responsiveness, users can navigate the site with ease, whether they're searching for specific pages, exploring recent content updates, or delving into archived materials.

SEM Remedy brought new life into UCC's digital presence, transforming their website into a sleek, high-performance platform. Through thoughtful design enhancements and optimization strategies, we not only revamped its aesthetics but also significantly boosted its functionality.

Seamless Navigation with a Beautifully Crafted Nested Mobile Menu

When SEM Remedy first encountered the mobile menu for UCC, it was in a state of disarray. Not only did it fail to function properly, but it was riddled with glitches that hindered user navigation. With menus that didn't expand or collapse as intended, the user experience was frustrating at best and unusable at worst. Recognizing the critical role of mobile optimization in today's digital landscape, we set out to fix these issues and deliver a solution that would elevate our UCC's website to new heights.

Our team worked to overhaul the broken mobile menu, with the goal of not just fixing its functionality but also enhancing its visual appeal. We started by conducting a comprehensive analysis to identify the root causes of the menu's malfunctions. Through careful testing and debugging, we were able to pinpoint and resolve the glitches that plagued its performance.

However, our ambitions didn't stop there. We understood the importance of offering a user-friendly interface that accommodated complex navigation structures. With this in mind, we introduced a groundbreaking feature: infinite nesting capability. This innovative addition allowed our client to organize their content more effectively by creating submenus within submenus, all while ensuring clarity and ease of use for their visitors.


Helping Churches Achieve Growth & Sustainability

We grow churches by enhancing their online presence nationally and increasing community engagement locally. SEM Remedy uses proven branding strategies, increasing your church's voice and impact across geographical boundaries.

By using digital platforms and targeted marketing, SEM Remedy guides fundraising efforts for missions and charitable initiatives. Our expertise enables churches to effectively communicate their message and connect with believers both globally and within their local communities.

Unlocking efficiency, one custom tool at a time. With tailored solutions crafted specifically for your complex challenges, SEM Remedy empowers you to conquer the toughest tasks with ease and precision


At SEM Remedy, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. When tasked with enhancing the content management capabilities of our client, UCC, we embarked on a journey to develop a groundbreaking solution: the UCC DCM (Dynamic Content Modification) tool. This bespoke tool was designed to revolutionize the way UCC manages and interacts with their website content, offering flexibility and efficiency.

The UCC DCM tool is a powerful asset that empowers UCC to search for specific content within their website with ease and precision. By scanning hyperlinks, meta values, post names, and post content, the tool provides comprehensive search results, ensuring no valuable information goes unnoticed. This advanced search functionality enables UCC to locate specific content quickly, saving valuable time and effort in the process.

One of the key features of the UCC DCM tool is its ability to export search results to CSV format. This functionality allows UCC to view the search results in a structured format for any spreadsheet program like Excel. With the ability to sort rows and manipulate data seamlessly, UCC gained control over their website content, enabling them to make timely updates and modifications as needed.

The UCC DCM tool streamlines the content modification process, providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex tasks. With intuitive editing capabilities, UCC can effortlessly modify content directly within the tool, eliminating the need for complicated backend interfaces or manual processes. This seamless workflow ensures that UCC can adapt and evolve their website content in real-time, keeping pace with changing needs and requirements.


Cross Functional Communication: Embracing Agile Methodology

At SEM Remedy, collaboration isn't just a buzzword; it's a core principle ingrained in our work ethos. We recognize the importance of seamless communication and teamwork, especially when partnering with clients like the United Church of Christ (UCC). To ensure the success of our projects and maximize efficiency, we embrace Agile methodology and work closely in cross-functional teams.

Agile methodology provides us with a framework that prioritizes adaptability, collaboration, and iterative progress. By breaking down projects into smaller, manageable tasks known as sprints, we foster a dynamic environment where feedback is encouraged, and adjustments can be made swiftly. This approach aligns perfectly with the ever-evolving nature of digital projects, allowing us to respond effectively to changes and deliver results that exceed expectations.



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