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Our company offers a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services that will address any type of business services that your company may possibly require, we’ll make sure to have the best ecommerce seo expert take care of your needs.

Whether you are a small, medium or large online company, Sem Remedy offers the internet marketing services that will surely provide your whole business measurable results. Our clients range from the small local businesses that mostly operate in a traditional market, to international companies that operate around the globe via an online marketplace.

We are proud to say that our high quality SEO services are always effectively tailored to match the needs of our clients and most of our rates are highly affordable

Our SEO Services

So how do our SEO services differentiate us from the other firms out there? We are very dedicated to embodying the high standards of SEO best practices that all major search engines increasingly demand.

We help our clients to improve their website so that their possible customers or visitors will be interested and more inclined to spend more of their time on the client’s site.

Our basic service package encompasses keyword research, consultation, website redevelopment, copywriting, developing incoming links, submitting to popular search engines, reporting the optimization results weekly


Our Basic Package

Website Analysis Website Analysis

We will critically examine our client’s website in order to identify the technical errors that might hinder his performance, and as well as in finding opportunities for his site to improve. We provide diagnostic tests for our client’s website such as checks for broken links, page speed, canonical issues, URL names, site structure, multimedia and images elements, site structure and other possible technical ranking factors. Competitive Analysis

We create a critical baseline competitive analysis that would outline just how your website can greatly benefit from our Search Engine Optimization or SEO services and we proud to say that our competitor research is really extremely thorough because we do our best to completely understand our clients’ business so we can have the necessary information that is needed in eliminating the competition. Keyword Research A precise keyword selection is very important to have a successful SEO and we will surely help you with having the relevant, reachable and best keywords for conversions, traffic and growth that would certainly increase your ROI, revenue, sales, leads and subscribers. Content Development Your content is very important to have a successful online marketing and we will help you have the best webpage content that would make the others out there lagging behind you.

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